Saturday, January 22, 2011


Ø  What
Ø  When
Ø  Where
Ø  Why
Ø  Who
Ø  Whom
Ø  Which
Ø  Whose
Ø  How
O que, qual
Por que?
Quem (sujeito)
Quem (usado após preposição e no objeto da frase)
Qual (das opções)
De quem?

Expressões formadas com how
How many
How much
How old
How long
How far
How tall
How deep
How often
How big
Quantos (contáveis)
Quantos (incontáveis)
Quantos anos?
Quanto tempo?
Qual a distância?
Que altura?
Qual a profundidade?
Qual a freqüência?
Qual o tamanho?

Exemplos de frases interrogativas.
What is your occupation?
I am a Singer
When  were you born?
On September 26, 1992.
Where do you live?
I live in Rio Preto
Why are you sad?
Because my dog is dead.
Who is that girl?
She is Mary.
Which of these horror films you like best?
I like the Hostel
Whose dress is that?
It is Mary’s
How are you?
I am fine, thanks.

Exemplos de frases com expressões formadas por how
How many Brothers do you have?
How much is a match box?
How old is your father?
How long does it take you to go to school?
How far is your house?
How tall is Tom?
How deep is the ocean?
How often do you go to The USA?
How big is a whale?

I have two brothers
It costs 55 cents
He is 55 years old
It takes me 5 minutes.
It is 3 kilometers far from here
He is 1.70 meters
It is 3.000 meters deep
Once a year.
It is the biggest animal in our planet.


A) Escolha what, when, where, ou which para começar as sentenças abaixo.

1. ___________are you from?                          I’m from Venezuela.
2. ___________does class start?                       At 7:00.
3. ___________is your name?                          My name is Vicente.
4. ___________juice do you want – apple or orange? I want orange juice.
5. ___________time do you get up?                 I get up at 6:30.
6. ___________is your birthday?                      In June.
7. ___________book is yours?                          That one.
8. ___________do you live?                             I live in Miami.
9. ___________were you last night                  At the cinema
10. ___________ is her name?                         Her name is Alice

B) Complete as sentenças seguintes usando um wh-question (whom, whose, who, why, what, wich, when, where, de acordo com a resposta.
1. ___________time does the party start?                                 At 8:30.
2. ___________does she eat so much?                                     I think she’s very unhappy.
3. ___________are you getting another job?                             Because I need the money.
4. ___________will you fix the light?                                      When I get the right tools.
5. ___________doesn’t he ask her out?                                                Because he’s too shy.
6. ___________are you going this weekend?                            Las Vegas.
7. Did you see ___________the spider went?                            No. It moved so quickly!
8. ___________is your birthday?                                             On July 3rd.
9. ___________ bag is this?                                                     Patricia’s
10. Did you send flowers to ___________?                               To my mother.



  2. How deep is your love? => parte de uma música, aqui você pode traduzir como "Qual o tamanho do seu amor"
    How deep is the ocean? - Qual a profundidade do oceano?.
    How deep is the Amazon river - Qual a profundidade do Rio Amazonas?

  3. Duas frases com a expressão MAN'S HANDS

  4. prova de inglês amanhã ^^ vlws